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Pavement and Materials Faculty

Dr. Michael Mamlouk

ECG 239 (Map)
(480) 965-2892

Dr. Mamlouk’s main area of expertise includes pavement analysis and design, pavement maintenance and rehabilitation, and highway materials. He has served as the P.I. and Co-P.I. of many research projects sponsored by FHWA, NHI, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Arizona DOT, and various local agencies.Read More

Dr. Kamil Kaloush

Associate Professor
ISTB2 229D (Map)
(480) 965-5509

Dr. Kaloush’s expertise is in pavements and transportation materials. He is a registered Professional Engineer and has over 25 years of experience as a consulting engineer in pavement research, advanced laboratory testing, and management services. Dr. Kaloush is the co-founder and director of the National Center of Excellence on SMART Innovations for Urban Climate and EnergyRead More

Dr. B. Shane Underwood

Assistant Professor

ISTB2 229B (Map)
(480) 965-1097

Dr. Underwood’s current research focuses on the topic of constitutive modeling and evaluation of asphalt concrete, with a primary interest in the development and use of multiscale modeling strategies. He and his students study advanced materials to evaluate their long-term performance by mechanistic methods. The goal is to develop analysis of pavements that are truly sustainable in both the short-term and over the product lifecyle. Read More

Dr. Jeff Stempihar

Assistant Professor
ISTB2 229B (Map)
(480) 369-6860

Dr. Stempihar’s research experience includes pavement materials design, thermal properties of pavement materials, laboratory evaluation of asphalt concrete, and transportation research implementation. He is a registered professional engineer with experience in pavement and airport engineering, consulting, and construction administration.