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Doctor of Philosophy Degree

For general CESE degree program requirements, click here. Dissertation and Program Committee The Graduate Supervisory Committee (GSC) shall consist of at least four tenure track ASU faculty as follows: 1) Advisor (GSC Chair). 2) At least one additional member from the Transportation Group. Additional suitably qualified members from outside of ASU may be included in the committee at the discretion of the GSC. A change in the GSC requires the change be in writing with both the current and the new advisor formally informed of the change. The Plan of Study (POS) must be in accordance with Graduate College and Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering (CESE) Program requirements. This includes 30 or 60 semester hours of coursework. CEE 790 (Reading and Conference) may be taken for no more than 6 credits with each member of a student’s GSC. Qualifying Examination The purposes of the qualifying examination is to assess if the student is qualified to continue in a Transportation doctoral program and to detect deficiencies in the student’s background that can be corrected by appropriate course work and/or individual study. With this understanding, the qualifying examination is to be taken by the student early in his or her residence, but no later than the second semester of residence. Students with an M.S. degree from ASU may be exempted from taking this exam at the discretion of the Transportation faculty. Examination content will include relevant topics from undergraduate and first year graduate course work designated by the Transportation Faculty who shall participate in formulating, grading and reviewing the exam. The exam will normally be administered once a year. Comprehensive Exam Click here to view the requirements. Final Oral Exam (Dissertation Defense) Click here to view the requirements.