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Pavement Analysis and Design Group

Advanced Materials Analysis and Design

Advanced Pavement Design and Analysis

Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure

Educational and Outreach Resource

Welcome to the website for the Arizona State University Pavements and Materials group. The ASU Pavements and Materials program addresses pavement performance analysis, management, and design; advanced material testing and characterization; development of new and more efficient construction materials; and the development and dissemination of sustainable pavement practices. The current program consists of three core faculty members as well as several associated faculty from within Arizona State University. The core curriculum offers degrees at the Masters and Ph.D. levels as well as undergraduate and Postdoctoral opportunities. The faculty at ASU are engaged with national cooperative groups, government, and private sources to enhance materials and pavements technology. Recent graduates have been employed in a variety of different organizations and companies both in the private and the public sector. Job opportunities include academia (tenure track and research faculty positions), small and large consulting firms that deal with transportation systems and pavements, federal agencies such as Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), state agencies such as the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), county and city engineering offices etc., and large companies such as Tetra Tech and AMEC Earth and Environmental Inc. Students typically confront employment and career opportunities that span the spectrum and fulfill the needs and desires of our graduates.