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Affiliated Faculty and Professionals

Sustainable_Pavement_SchematicASU Pavement and Materials researchers continue to advance pavement technology in order to create the necessary knowledge and understanding needed to create a more sustainable pavement system and develop the next generation of transportation infrastructure. Pavement engineers alone cannot solve this important national issue and so the ASU Pavement and Materials group continues to identify inter-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary relationships that produce a broader and more holistic view of the issues. This broad viewpoint includes experts in: urban infrastructure and climate-energy interactions; geotechnical aspects of pavement infrastructure; transportation operations and planning; environmental and energy impacts on infrastructure; advanced mechanics of composite and cementitous systems; practical implementation and contracting with cementitious materials; and other transportation professionals with substantial agency/contractor and policy implementation experience. Follow the links below to find out more about these important collaborators and explore the collaborative opportunities within the Pavement and Materials research cluster.

Dr. Xuesong Zhou Dr. Xuesong Zhou’s primary area of research interest is in large-scale mesoscopic traffic simulation, traffic flow theory, traffic state estimation, and train scheduling. His research has been published in many national and international venues including Transportation Research Part B and Transportation Research Record. Read More

Dr. Yingyan Lou Dr. Yingyan Lou’sprimary area of expertise is transportation systems modeling and optimization, and its applications in enhancing decision making towards a more efficient, reliable, and sustainable transportation system. Her research has led to 18 journal publications, 1 book chapter, and 14 peer-reviewed conference articles. In 2010, she received the Pikarsky Award for Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertations in Science and Technology from the Council of University Transportation Centers. Read More

Dr. Mikhail Chester Dr. Chester’s area of expertise is the energy and environmental assessment of large infrastructure systems. His research has focused on transportation systems and cities, evaluating life-cycle and supply chain effects and their associated human and environmental impacts. Chester’s research expands the assessment boundaries of complex systems to understand comprehensive effects of policies and decisions, including infrastructure interdependencies. Read More

National Center of Excellence (NCE) on SMART Innovations The National Center of Excellence (NCE) on SMART Innovations provides climate and energy system solutions based on sound science and engineering to governments and industries around the globe. The research conducted here seeks to quantify complex climate-energy system interactions resulting from all phases of a product or technology’s life cycle and to develop cost effective solutions to reduce any negative impacts. Read More

Mr. George Way George is a Chemical Engineer and graduate of ASU. He is a registered Professional Civil Engineer in the State of Arizona and retired as a Chief Pavement Design Engineer from the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) after 35 years of service in the Highway Division. His main expertise is in the areas of pavements and sustainable innovations such as asphalt-rubber.