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Master of Science in Engineering Degree


The Graduate Supervisory Committee (GSC) shall consist of all tenure-track Transportation faculty. The advisor shall serve as the chair of the GSC. The Plan of Study (POS) must be in accordance with Graduate College and Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering (CESE) Program requirements. The candidate must complete at least 30 semester hours of approved course and research work distributed as follows: 1) at least fifteen (15) hours of Graduate Transportation courses, 2) at least six (6) hours of CEE Graduate (non-Transportation) courses, 3) at least three (3) hours of Statistics or Math course (see course list at bottom of page), and 4) not more than three (3) hours of CEE590. A final written comprehensive exam will be administered by the Transportation Group twice per year, usually the last week of classes during the regular fall and spring semesters. The exam is intended to demonstrate proficiency in at least 4 of the 8 core class subjects depending on the courses covered by the student. The core subject areas are Pavement Analysis and Design, Highway Materials and Construction, Pavement Performance and Management, Highway Geometric Design, Transportation Systems Planning, Transportation Operations, Transportation System Design and Evaluation, Mathematical and Statistical Analysis of Transportation, traffic flow theory, and intelligent transportation systems. The exam will be 4 hours and students are expected to spend roughly one hour per core subject area. The exam is open book. The exam will be graded by the GSC and a pass/fail decision made as a collective group. A student who fails the comprehensive exam the first time may petition to retake the exam once more during the following semester.